72 Series Balance


Ordering Information

  • Measure metal tube length (Do not include nylon bearing).
  • Measure spiral rod length (Make sure rod is flush with screw hole end of tube before measuring).
  • Identify the color of the bearing (e.g., white, red or blue) and select our corresponding part number from the chart below.
  • To identify the appropriate carrier or shoe to be attached and other related accessories, see related products.

Note: Attached carriers and related accessories must be ordered separately. If you want the ends attached, add the letter “A” to the suffix of the accessory part number when ordering.

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General Information

  • The appropriate tensioning tools are 70-515 and 70-516
  • Many customers confuse this series with our 85 tilt series
  • 72 series always come with a plastic guide attachment to the 2nd hole

Please order carefully as window balances are custom made and are non-returnable. In most cases, these balances take us about 1 week to receive before shipping to you.