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Welcome to Window-Balances.com!

Thank you for visiting Window-Balances.com. Our site is designed to help customers identify the window balance they need to replace. Customers are then directed to our parent company www.amscousa.com to purchase their window balances.

We understand that finding and purchasing window balances is not an easy process. There are many styles, sizes, weights, and attachments that make up a complete window balance resulting in 100’s of window balance combinations.

At times this can be especially overwhelming to customers with little window repair experience. Window-Balances.com will make this process a little easier as 95% of all window balances used in the USA today can be found on our site. If you are not comfortable identifying the window balance you need just click on the sample tab above and send your window balance to us. Our parts ID team will review your window balance, free of charge, and be sure to get right back with you!