Delivery and Shipping Information

Shipping Disclaimer

  • Sorry, we only accept orders from and ship within the USA.
  • Normally orders leave our warehouse within 2 – 10 working days, Monday-Friday (excluding holidays).  If after 10 working days an order has not shipped, we will attempt to contact you to determine whether you want to cancel the order or continue it on backorder.
  • Please allow for carrier transit time after order has shipped out and keep in mind that no delivery dates can be guaranteed.
  • Orders will ship out by either UPS or Fedex at our discretion even though UPS is selected.
  • A few items need to be shipped by Freight Truck and, if so, you will be contacted with a new shipping cost estimate prior to order acceptance.
  • Occasionally, orders can not ship by the shipping method selected at the time the order was placed.  If this situation occurs you will be contacted & provided with a new shipping rate for the alternate shipping method.  With your approval the order will ship by the alternate shipping method. You will then be credited or debited, whichever applies, the difference in the shipping charge.
  • If the alternate shipping method is not acceptable you will be credited all applicable charges associated with the item(s) ordered.

Product Availability Disclaimer

  • Sorry, we only accept orders from and ship within the USA.
  • Occasionally, items ordered will no longer be available.  If this situation arises you will be notified and credited all applicable charges associated with the unavailable item

Freight Truck Delivery Policy

If you are receiving your order by Freight Truck, please follow these important delivery acceptance procedures below.  The Customer will be liable for any damage if the instructions below are not followed.  Also, please make sure whomever will take delivery of your items is aware of this policy.

  1. When your shipment arrives, the driver will ask you to sign the freight bill.  Do NOT sign until you complete steps 2 & 3 below!
  2. Examine the cartons closely for any signs of damage.  Obvious external damage may be an indication of concealed damage to the carton’s contents.  It is highly recommended to open cartons and check for internal damage, especially for mirrors, marker boards, chalkboards, or bulletin boards.  (If the driver refuses to wait for your inspection, have the driver note this on the freight bill).
  3. If damage is found, it is best and easiest to refuse any damaged product and have the driver take it back with them.  Please have the driver note any damage on your copy of the freight bill.  At this point you may sign the freight bill.
  4. If damage was found and the product wasn’t refused, follow the steps in this section as well:
    1. Call the freight carrier’s terminal to report the damage.  Request a damage claim form and an inspection.
    2. Call AMSCO at 800-992-4282 and request the cost to replace the damaged item(s).’s confirmation of these costs will serve as the basis for your damage claim with the freight carrier.
    3. will assist you in filing your claim.
  5. Please call us at 800-992-4282 to advise us of the damage and to reorder any damaged product.