60 Series

60 Series Channel Window Balances

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General Information

Ordering Information

  • Sash weights indicated below are weights that 2 balances per sash will carry with no weather-strip friction considered.
  • Balances stamped with a 3-digit number (e.g. 122, 183, 143) or a 2-digit number such as exact channel length, type of ends attached, etc.
  • Any other number/letter variations should also be reviewed with Window-Balances.com to ensure your order will be filled correctly.
  • If your existing balance has a “BSI” stamped on the face of the balance by the 4 digit number, order exactly as seen on the chart here.
  • If your existing balance does not have BSI stamped on it and your balance’s 4 digit number has a 40 suffix (e.g. 2840, 2940, 3040, 3640, etc.), you have the old style balance and for 29” balances and above-order 2850, 2950, 3050, 3650, etc. If you are unsure, weigh your sash and choose from the weight charts indicated here.
  • For sash weights over those indicated on the chart here, please provide the following information:
    • Number Stamped on Balance:
    • Balance length (do not include ends):
    • Sash weight:
    • Upper or lower sash:
    • 2 or 4 balances per sash:

Note: Special weight balances were usually stamped with a 4 digit number followed by a two digit number to designate specific weight. (e.g. 2640 42 inches indicates (2) 27” balances carrying 42lb. sash)

1. Measure metal channel balance length (Do no include plastic ends.)

2. Check number stamped on channel. (e.g. 2010, 28A, 3620, etc.)

3. Select corresponding part number from the chart here.

4. To identify the top and bottom ends to be attached, refer to galleries here.
Note: Top and bottom balance ends must be ordered separately. If you want ends attached, add the letter “A” to the suffix of the part number when ordering. If you find the ends you need and they are located with the popular combinations, look for the suffix number and just add that suffix number to the end of the balance part number you selected (e.g. balance 60-242 with ends 60-507 and 60-501 add the suffix -1 so the final part number is 60-242-1)