85 Series

Tube & Spiral Window Balances

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General Information

Ordering Information

  • Maximum tube balance length available is 60″
  • Red and blue bearings are for sashes weighing up to 30lbs; the black bearing with the nyclad tip is for sashes weighing up to 40lbs. Please consult Window-Balances.com for special ordering information.
  • In most cases red bearing can be used in place of white bearing. Check with Window-Balances.com for availability of white bearing.
  • Now available in White.
  • The appropriate tensioning tools are 85-511 and 85-515 as shown on pages 87 and 96. Click here for the document.
  • All rod lengths are standard.


1. Measure metal tube length. (Do not include nylon bearing)

2. Identify color of bearing (e.g. red, blue or black) and select corresponding part number from the chart here.

3. If different pin configuration, select appropriate pin configuration from the chart and add the number to the end of the part number.
Note: Accessories must be ordered separately, see pages 83-92 here.