62 Series

62 Series Channel Window Balances

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General Information

Ordering Information

  • Any other number/letter variations which may be stamped on your balance should first be discussed with Window-Balances.com, to ensure that your order will be filed correctly.
  • Balance prices include attached bracket.
1. Measure Channel Length (do not include any attached ends)

2. Check our number stamped on channel. (e.g., 2210, 22DS, etc.)

3. Select our corresponding part number from the chart attached here.

4. If the number stamped on the balance ends with DS (double spring), you will need to select the exact weight from the weight range in the chart. An example would be if the number stamped on your balance is 19DS, you’ll need to select the exact weight of the sash between 30-40 lbs. (ex. 32lbs). Then add the weight to the part number from the chart here. Ex:62-19DS32

5. Balances that are 29″ & above that have 90 stamped on the balance (ex. 3090) are no longer available. These balances are being substituted with the 50 weight range balances (ex. 3050). Balances that are below 29″ & have 90 stamped on the balances (ex. 2590) they will need to be ordered by replacing the 90 that is stamped on the balance with the letter “S” (ex: if the sash weighs 28lbs, the part number would be 62-25S28).

6. Some balances maybe stamped with the letter “U” or “L” that indicates Upper sash or Lower sash. If your balance is stamped with the letter U or L, please add the letter to the end of the part number (ex. 62-305L or 62-25S28U).

7. Identify the appropriate end bracket to be attached from the illustrations shown; then add -1,-2,-3, etc. suffix to complete our part number.

Note: If your balance has a rivet in the first hole at the top, order separately as part number 60-514A.


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