88L Series Ultralift Heavy Duty Tube Balance

  • Lifts 70% of sash weight vs. AAMA’s 40% minimum
  • Provides even power across full range of sash travel
  • Usable with both tilt and no-tilt windows
  • Adjustable on site by 2+ lbs.
  • Fits most C-20 and HC-40 AAMA grade single and double hung windows
  • Fits most large architectural wood windows
  • Combines spiral and extension spring technology
  • Covered by a 5-year warranty
  • Custom made for specific sash weights


The heavy duty Ultralift is not only an excellent product for counterbalancing windows from 10lbs. to 100lbs.; it also reduces the manual force required to open and close windows by 50%. Standard balances only provide about 40% of the sash weight while the Ultralift lifts 70% of the sash weight. This makes the Ultralift an excellent product to use in nursing homes, schools and windows that are difficult to access. These balances can be used in sashes from 10lbs. to 100lbs. in weight.