60 Series Channel Window Balance


(actually 5/8″ channel depth, but considered 1/2″ in the Trade)

How to Order

  1. Identify any numbers and letters you see stamped on the metal channel (some examples are 25C or 183 or 2830 or 2640 42 or 26S42).   These numbers determine the sash weight the balance is to carry.  Balances with 3 or 4 digit numbers only can be ordered on-line.  All longer numbers (such as 2640 42 or 26S42) indicate special weighted balances and you must call us to order these balances. Call us also if there is nothing stamped on your metal channel.
  2. Identify the top and bottom plastic guides you need attached from chart below.  If you don’t see yours, please call us as only the most popular are shown below.
  3. Measure length of metal channel only.  Do not include plastic guides in the measurement.  If your metal channel measures to the 1/2″ (for example 27-1/2″), please call us to order as it is a special length balance.
  4. To order more than one combination on-line, just return to this page and choose another combination.  Then add it to your shopping cart.
  5. Please order carefully as window balances are custom made and are non-returnable.   Balances with 3 or 4 digit numbers only stamped on them generally take us about 1 week to receive before shipping to you.  Special weighted or special length balances can take 4-6 weeks for us to get.
  6. If you are unsure of what to order, you can send a sample of the balance(s) you need to us at:

Attn: Parts ID
27505 Ridge Rd
Damascus, MD 20872

Be sure to include your name, address, and phone # so we can contact you once we have your balance(s) identified.



General Information

  1. Metal Channel with plastic top & bottom guides.
  2. This balance series always has top & bottom guides attached.  Many guide styles available below.
  3. Click here for 60 series channel balance generic removal and installation instructions.