76 Series Spiral Balance

Ordering Information

  1. Measure metal tube length. (Do not include nylon bearing.)
  2. Measure spiral rod length. (Make sure rod is flush with screw hole end of tube before measuring.)
  3. Identify the color of the bearing (e.g., white, red, yellow or blue) and select our corresponding part number.
  4. To identify the appropriate carrier or shoe to attached and other related accessories, see below.

Note: Brackets and accessories must be ordered separately.

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Product Description

General Information

  1. White, red and blue bearings are for sashes weighing up to 22 lbs; green bearings are for sashes weighing up to 26 lbs; yellow-green bearings are for sashes weighing 26-34 lbs. Consult your sales representative for ordering information.
  2. The appropriate tensioning tools are 70-515 and 70-518.

Please order carefully as window balances are custom made and are non-returnable. In most cases, these balances take us about 1 week to receive before shipping to you.